What is gRPC CSDS?

In short, it’s a xDS configuration dump protocol.

Design Document gRPC CSDS

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Channelz debug service implementation in gRPC Python.

class grpc_csds.ClientStatusDiscoveryServiceServicer[source]

CSDS Servicer works for both the sync API and asyncio API.

static FetchClientStatus(request, unused_context)[source]

Missing associated documentation comment in .proto file.

static StreamClientStatus(request_iterator, context)[source]

Missing associated documentation comment in .proto file.


Register CSDS servicer to a server.

CSDS is part of xDS protocol used to expose in-effective traffic configuration (or xDS resources). It focuses on simplify the debugging of unexpected routing behaviors, which could be due to a misconfiguration, unhealthy backends or issues in the control or data plane.


server – A gRPC server to which the CSDS service will be added.