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Channelz debug service implementation in gRPC Python.

class grpc_channelz.v1.channelz.ChannelzServicer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Servicer handling RPCs for service statuses.


Add Channelz servicer to a server. Channelz servicer is in charge of pulling information from C-Core for entire process. It will allow the server to response to Channelz queries.

The Channelz statistic is enabled by default inside C-Core. Whether the statistic is enabled or not is isolated from adding Channelz servicer. That means you can query Channelz info with a Channelz-disabled channel, and you can add Channelz servicer to a Channelz-disabled server.

The Channelz statistic can be enabled or disabled by channel option ‘grpc.enable_channelz’. Set to 1 to enable, set to 0 to disable.


Parameters:server – grpc.Server to which Channelz service will be added.