GRPC C++  1.62.0
Data Fields
grpc_channel_args Struct Reference

An array of arguments that can be passed around. More...

#include <grpc_types.h>

Data Fields

size_t num_args

Detailed Description

An array of arguments that can be passed around.

Used to set optional channel-level configuration. These configuration options are modelled as key-value pairs as defined by grpc_arg; keys are strings to allow easy backwards-compatible extension by arbitrary parties. All evaluation is performed at channel creation time (i.e. the keys and values in this structure need only live through the creation invocation).

However, if one of the args has grpc_arg_type==GRPC_ARG_POINTER, then the grpc_arg_pointer_vtable must live until the channel args are done being used by core (i.e. when the object for use with which they were passed is destroyed).

See the description of the available args for more details.

Field Documentation

◆ args

grpc_arg* grpc_channel_args::args

◆ num_args

size_t grpc_channel_args::num_args

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