GRPC C++  1.62.0
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grpc_arg Struct Reference

A single argument... More...

#include <grpc_types.h>

Data Structures

union  grpc_arg_value

Data Fields

grpc_arg_type type
char * key
union grpc_arg::grpc_arg_value value

Detailed Description

A single argument...

each argument has a key and a value

A note on naming keys: Keys are namespaced into groups, usually grouped by library, and are keys for module XYZ are named XYZ.key1, XYZ.key2, etc. Module names must be restricted to the regex [A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]{,15}. Key names must be restricted to the regex [A-Za-z][_A-Za-z0-9]{,47}.

GRPC core library keys are prefixed by grpc.

Library authors are strongly encouraged to #define symbolic constants for their keys so that it's possible to change them in the future.

Field Documentation

◆ key

char* grpc_arg::key

◆ type

grpc_arg_type grpc_arg::type

◆ value

union grpc_arg::grpc_arg_value grpc_arg::value

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