GRPC C++  1.62.0
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grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter Struct Reference

#include <rpc_service_method.h>

Public Member Functions

 HandlerParameter (Call *c, grpc::ServerContextBase *context, void *req, Status req_status, void *handler_data, std::function< void()> requester)
 Constructor for HandlerParameter. More...
 ~HandlerParameter ()

Data Fields

Call *const call
grpc::ServerContextBase *const server_context
void *const request
const Status status
void *const internal_data
const std::function< void()> call_requester

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HandlerParameter()

grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::HandlerParameter ( Call c,
grpc::ServerContextBase context,
void *  req,
Status  req_status,
void *  handler_data,
std::function< void()>  requester 

Constructor for HandlerParameter.

c: the gRPC Call structure for this server call
context: the ServerContext structure for this server call
req: the request payload, if appropriate for this RPC
req_status: the request status after any interceptors have run
handler_datainternal data for the handler.
requester: used only by the callback API. It is a function called by the RPC Controller to request another RPC (and also to set up the state required to make that request possible)

◆ ~HandlerParameter()

grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::~HandlerParameter ( )

Field Documentation

◆ call

Call* const grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::call

◆ call_requester

const std::function<void()> grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::call_requester

◆ internal_data

void* const grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::internal_data

◆ request

void* const grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::request

◆ server_context

grpc::ServerContextBase* const grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::server_context

◆ status

const Status grpc::internal::MethodHandler::HandlerParameter::status

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