GRPC C++  1.64.0
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async_generic_service.h File Reference
#include <grpc/support/port_platform.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/server_callback_handlers.h>
#include <grpcpp/support/async_stream.h>
#include <grpcpp/support/byte_buffer.h>
#include <grpcpp/support/server_callback.h>

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Data Structures

class  grpc::GenericServerContext
class  grpc::AsyncGenericService
class  grpc::GenericCallbackServerContext
class  grpc::CallbackGenericService
 CallbackGenericService is the base class for generic services implemented using the callback API and registered through the ServerBuilder using RegisterCallbackGenericService. More...


 An Alarm posts the user-provided tag to its associated completion queue or invokes the user-provided function on expiry or cancellation.


typedef ServerAsyncReaderWriter< ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer > grpc::GenericServerAsyncReaderWriter
typedef ServerAsyncResponseWriter< ByteBuffer > grpc::GenericServerAsyncResponseWriter
typedef ServerAsyncReader< ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer > grpc::GenericServerAsyncReader
typedef ServerAsyncWriter< ByteBuffer > grpc::GenericServerAsyncWriter
using grpc::ServerGenericBidiReactor = ServerBidiReactor< ByteBuffer, ByteBuffer >
 ServerGenericBidiReactor is the reactor class for bidi streaming RPCs invoked on a CallbackGenericService. More...