GRPC C++  1.26.0
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grpc::GenericServerContext Class Referencefinal

#include <async_generic_service.h>

Public Member Functions

const grpc::stringmethod () const
const grpc::stringhost () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc_impl::ServerContext
 ServerContext ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc_impl::ServerContextBase
virtual ~ServerContextBase ()
std::chrono::system_clock::time_point deadline () const
 Return the deadline for the server call. More...
gpr_timespec raw_deadline () const
 Return a gpr_timespec representation of the server call's deadline. More...
void AddInitialMetadata (const grpc::string &key, const grpc::string &value)
 Add the (key, value) pair to the initial metadata associated with a server call. More...
void AddTrailingMetadata (const grpc::string &key, const grpc::string &value)
 Add the (key, value) pair to the initial metadata associated with a server call. More...
bool IsCancelled () const
 IsCancelled is always safe to call when using sync or callback API. More...
void TryCancel () const
 Cancel the Call from the server. More...
const std::multimap< grpc::string_ref, grpc::string_ref > & client_metadata () const
 Return a collection of initial metadata key-value pairs sent from the client. More...
grpc_compression_level compression_level () const
 Return the compression algorithm to be used by the server call. More...
void set_compression_level (grpc_compression_level level)
 Set level to be the compression level used for the server call. More...
bool compression_level_set () const
 Return a bool indicating whether the compression level for this call has been set (either implicitly or through a previous call to set_compression_level. More...
grpc_compression_algorithm compression_algorithm () const
 Return the compression algorithm the server call will request be used. More...
void set_compression_algorithm (grpc_compression_algorithm algorithm)
 Set algorithm to be the compression algorithm used for the server call. More...
void SetLoadReportingCosts (const std::vector< grpc::string > &cost_data)
 Set the serialized load reporting costs in cost_data for the call. More...
std::shared_ptr< const ::grpc::AuthContextauth_context () const
 Return the authentication context for this server call. More...
grpc::string peer () const
 Return the peer uri in a string. More...
const struct census_context * census_context () const
 Get the census context associated with this server call. More...
grpc_callc_call ()
 Should be used for framework-level extensions only. More...


class grpc_impl::Server
class grpc::ServerInterface

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from grpc_impl::ServerContextBase
void AsyncNotifyWhenDone (void *tag)
 Async only. More...
::grpc::experimental::RpcAllocatorStateGetRpcAllocatorState ()
 NOTE: This is an API for advanced users who need custom allocators. More...
::grpc_impl::ServerUnaryReactorDefaultReactor ()
 Get a library-owned default unary reactor for use in minimal reaction cases. More...
 ServerContextBase ()
 Constructors for use by derived classes. More...
 ServerContextBase (gpr_timespec deadline, grpc_metadata_array *arr)

Member Function Documentation

◆ host()

const grpc::string& grpc::GenericServerContext::host ( ) const

◆ method()

const grpc::string& grpc::GenericServerContext::method ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ grpc::ServerInterface

friend class grpc::ServerInterface

◆ grpc_impl::Server

friend class grpc_impl::Server

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