GRPC C++  1.64.0
Static Public Member Functions
grpc::internal::ClientAsyncReaderWriterFactory< W, R > Class Template Reference

#include <channel_interface.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static ClientAsyncReaderWriter< W, R > * Create (grpc::ChannelInterface *channel, grpc::CompletionQueue *cq, const grpc::internal::RpcMethod &method, grpc::ClientContext *context, bool start, void *tag)
 Create a stream object. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

template<class W , class R >
static ClientAsyncReaderWriter<W, R>* grpc::internal::ClientAsyncReaderWriterFactory< W, R >::Create ( grpc::ChannelInterface channel,
grpc::CompletionQueue cq,
const grpc::internal::RpcMethod method,
grpc::ClientContext context,
bool  start,
void *  tag 

Create a stream object.

Start the RPC request if start is set. tag will be notified on cq when the call has been started (i.e. initial metadata sent). If start is not set, tag must be nullptr and the actual call must be initiated by StartCall Note that context will be used to fill in custom initial metadata used to send to the server when starting the call.

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