GRPC C++  1.28.0
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grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest Class Reference

RegisteredAsyncRequest is not part of the C++ API. More...

#include <server_interface.h>

Public Member Functions

 RegisteredAsyncRequest (ServerInterface *server, ::grpc_impl::ServerContext *context, internal::ServerAsyncStreamingInterface *stream, ::grpc_impl::CompletionQueue *call_cq, ::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue *notification_cq, void *tag, const char *name, internal::RpcMethod::RpcType type)
virtual bool FinalizeResult (void **tag, bool *status) override
 FinalizeResult must be called before informing user code that the operation bound to the underlying core completion queue tag has completed. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc::ServerInterface::BaseAsyncRequest
 BaseAsyncRequest (ServerInterface *server, ::grpc_impl::ServerContext *context, internal::ServerAsyncStreamingInterface *stream, ::grpc_impl::CompletionQueue *call_cq, ::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue *notification_cq, void *tag, bool delete_on_finalize)
virtual ~BaseAsyncRequest ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc::internal::CompletionQueueTag
virtual ~CompletionQueueTag ()

Protected Member Functions

void IssueRequest (void *registered_method, grpc_byte_buffer **payload, ::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue *notification_cq)

Protected Attributes

const char * name_
const internal::RpcMethod::RpcType type_
- Protected Attributes inherited from grpc::ServerInterface::BaseAsyncRequest
ServerInterface *const server_
::grpc_impl::ServerContext *const context_
internal::ServerAsyncStreamingInterface *const stream_
::grpc_impl::CompletionQueue *const call_cq_
::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue *const notification_cq_
void *const tag_
const bool delete_on_finalize_
internal::Call call_wrapper_
internal::InterceptorBatchMethodsImpl interceptor_methods_
bool done_intercepting_

Detailed Description

RegisteredAsyncRequest is not part of the C++ API.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RegisteredAsyncRequest()

grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest::RegisteredAsyncRequest ( ServerInterface server,
::grpc_impl::ServerContext context,
internal::ServerAsyncStreamingInterface stream,
::grpc_impl::CompletionQueue call_cq,
::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue notification_cq,
void *  tag,
const char *  name,
internal::RpcMethod::RpcType  type 

Member Function Documentation

◆ FinalizeResult()

virtual bool grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest::FinalizeResult ( void **  tag,
bool *  status 

FinalizeResult must be called before informing user code that the operation bound to the underlying core completion queue tag has completed.

In practice, this means:

  1. For the sync API - before returning from Pluck
  2. For the CQ-based async API - before returning from Next
  3. For the callback-based API - before invoking the user callback

This is the method that translates from core-side tag/status to C++ API-observable tag/status.

The return value is the status of the operation (returning status is the general behavior of this function). If this function returns false, the tag is dropped and not returned from the completion queue: this concept is for events that are observed at core but not requested by the user application (e.g., server shutdown, for server unimplemented method responses, or for cases where a server-side RPC doesn't have a completion notification registered using AsyncNotifyWhenDone)

Reimplemented from grpc::ServerInterface::BaseAsyncRequest.

Reimplemented in grpc::ServerInterface::PayloadAsyncRequest< Message >.

◆ IssueRequest()

void grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest::IssueRequest ( void *  registered_method,
grpc_byte_buffer **  payload,
::grpc_impl::ServerCompletionQueue notification_cq 

Field Documentation

◆ name_

const char* grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest::name_

◆ type_

const internal::RpcMethod::RpcType grpc::ServerInterface::RegisteredAsyncRequest::type_

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