GRPC C++  1.46.2
grpc::ClientAsyncReaderInterface< R > Class Template Reference

#include <async_stream.h>

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc::internal::ClientAsyncStreamingInterface
virtual ~ClientAsyncStreamingInterface ()
virtual void StartCall (void *tag)=0
 Start the call that was set up by the constructor, but only if the constructor was invoked through the "Prepare" API which doesn't actually start the call. More...
virtual void ReadInitialMetadata (void *tag)=0
 Request notification of the reading of the initial metadata. More...
virtual void Finish (grpc::Status *status, void *tag)=0
 Indicate that the stream is to be finished and request notification for when the call has been ended. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from grpc::internal::AsyncReaderInterface< R >
virtual ~AsyncReaderInterface ()
virtual void Read (R *msg, void *tag)=0
 Read a message of type R into msg. More...

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