GRPC C++  1.58.0
Data Fields
grpc_compression_options::grpc_compression_options_default_level Struct Reference

The default compression level. More...

#include <compression_types.h>

Data Fields

int is_set
grpc_compression_level level

Detailed Description

The default compression level.

It'll be used in the absence of call specific settings. This option corresponds to the channel argument key behind GRPC_COMPRESSION_CHANNEL_DEFAULT_LEVEL. If present, takes precedence over default_algorithm. TODO(dgq): currently only available for server channels.

Field Documentation

◆ is_set

int grpc_compression_options::grpc_compression_options_default_level::is_set

◆ level

grpc_compression_level grpc_compression_options::grpc_compression_options_default_level::level

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