Class Metadata

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Message, MessageLite, MessageLiteOrBuilder, MessageOrBuilder, MetadataOrBuilder, Serializable

    public final class Metadata
    extends GeneratedMessageV3
    implements MetadataOrBuilder
     A list of metadata pairs, used in the payload of client header,
     server header, and server trailer.
     Implementations may omit some entries to honor the header limits
     Header keys added by gRPC are omitted. To be more specific,
     implementations will not log the following entries, and this is
     not to be treated as a truncation:
     - entries handled by grpc that are not user visible, such as those
       that begin with 'grpc-' (with exception of grpc-trace-bin)
       or keys like 'lb-token'
     - transport specific entries, including but not limited to:
       ':path', ':authority', 'content-encoding', 'user-agent', 'te', etc
     - entries added for call credentials
     Implementations must always log grpc-trace-bin if it is present.
     Practically speaking it will only be visible on server side because
     grpc-trace-bin is managed by low level client side mechanisms
     inaccessible from the application level. On server side, the
     header is just a normal metadata key.
     The pair will not count towards the size limit.
    Protobuf type grpc.binarylog.v1.Metadata
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