Package io.grpc

Class CompressorRegistry

  • @ExperimentalApi("")
    public final class CompressorRegistry
    extends java.lang.Object
    Encloses classes related to the compression and decompression of messages.
    • Method Detail

      • getDefaultInstance

        public static CompressorRegistry getDefaultInstance()
        Returns the default instance used by gRPC when the registry is not specified. Currently the registry just contains support for gzip.
      • newEmptyInstance

        public static CompressorRegistry newEmptyInstance()
        Returns a new instance with no registered compressors.
      • lookupCompressor

        public Compressor lookupCompressor​(java.lang.String compressorName)
      • register

        public void register​(Compressor c)
        Registers a compressor for both decompression and message encoding negotiation.
        c - The compressor to register