GRPC C++  1.26.0
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channel_impl.h File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <grpc/grpc.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/call.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/channel_interface.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/client_interceptor.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/completion_queue_impl.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/config.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/grpc_library.h>
#include <grpcpp/impl/codegen/sync.h>

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Data Structures

class  grpc_impl::Channel
 Channels represent a connection to an endpoint. Created by CreateChannel. More...


 This header provides an object that reads bytes directly from a grpc::ByteBuffer, via the ZeroCopyInputStream interface.
 An Alarm posts the user-provided tag to its associated completion queue or invokes the user-provided function on expiry or cancellation.


std::shared_ptr<::grpc_impl::Channelgrpc::CreateChannelInternal (const grpc::string &host, grpc_channel *c_channel, std::vector< std::unique_ptr< experimental::ClientInterceptorFactoryInterface >> interceptor_creators)
void grpc_impl::experimental::ChannelResetConnectionBackoff (Channel *channel)
 Resets the channel's connection backoff. More...