Class OrcaServiceImpl

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    public final class OrcaServiceImpl
    extends Object
    implements BindableService
    Implements a BindableService that generates Out-Of-Band server metrics. Register the returned service to the server, then a client can request for periodic load reports.
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        public static final long DEFAULT_MIN_REPORT_INTERVAL_NANOS
        Empty or invalid (non-positive) minInterval config in will be treated to this default value.
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      • createService

        public static BindableService createService​(ScheduledExecutorService timeService,
                                                    MetricRecorder metricsRecorder,
                                                    long minInterval,
                                                    TimeUnit timeUnit)
        Constructs a service to report server metrics. Config the report interval lower bound, the executor to run the timer, and a MetricRecorder that contains metrics data.
        minInterval - configures the minimum metrics reporting interval for the service. Bad configuration (non-positive) will be overridden to service default (30s). Minimum metrics reporting interval means, if the setting in the client's request is invalid (non-positive) or below this value, they will be treated as this value.