Class HealthCheckingLoadBalancerUtil

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      • newHealthCheckingLoadBalancer

        public static LoadBalancer newHealthCheckingLoadBalancer​(LoadBalancer.Factory factory,
                                                                 LoadBalancer.Helper helper)
        Creates a health-checking-capable LoadBalancer. This method is used to implement health-checking-capable LoadBalancer.Factorys, which will typically written this way:
         public class HealthCheckingFooLbFactory extends LoadBalancer.Factory {
           // This is the original balancer implementation that doesn't have health checking
           private final LoadBalancer.Factory fooLbFactory;
           // Returns the health-checking-capable version of FooLb   
           public LoadBalancer newLoadBalancer(Helper helper) {
             return HealthCheckingLoadBalancerUtil.newHealthCheckingLoadBalancer(fooLbFactory, helper);

        As a requirement for the original LoadBalancer, it must call Helper.createSubchannel() from the Synchronization Context, or createSubchannel() will throw.

        factory - the original factory that implements load-balancing logic without health checking
        helper - the helper passed to the resulting health-checking LoadBalancer.