Class GrpclbConstants

  • @ExperimentalApi("")
    public final class GrpclbConstants
    extends Object
    Constants for the GRPCLB load-balancer.
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        public static final Metadata.Key<String> TOKEN_METADATA_KEY
        The opaque token given by the remote balancer for each returned server address. The client will send this token with any requests sent to the associated server.

        public static final Attributes.Key<String> ATTR_LB_ADDR_AUTHORITY
        The naming authority of a gRPC LB server address. It is an address-group-level attribute, present when the address group is a LoadBalancer.

        public static final Attributes.Key<Boolean> ATTR_LB_PROVIDED_BACKEND
        Whether this EquivalentAddressGroup was provided by a GRPCLB server. It would be rare for this value to be false; generally it would be better to not have the key present at all.