Interface GetServerSocketsRequestOrBuilder

    • Method Detail

      • getServerId

        long getServerId()
        int64 server_id = 1;
        The serverId.
      • getStartSocketId

        long getStartSocketId()
         start_socket_id indicates that only sockets at or above this id should be
         included in the results.
         To request the first page, this must be set to 0. To request
         subsequent pages, the client generates this value by adding 1 to
         the highest seen result ID.
        int64 start_socket_id = 2;
        The startSocketId.
      • getMaxResults

        long getMaxResults()
         If non-zero, the server will return a page of results containing
         at most this many items. If zero, the server will choose a
         reasonable page size.  Must never be negative.
        int64 max_results = 3;
        The maxResults.