Package io.grpc

Class ServerTransportFilter

  • @ExperimentalApi("")
    public abstract class ServerTransportFilter
    extends java.lang.Object
    Listens on server transport life-cycle events, with the capability to read and/or change transport attributes. Attributes returned by this filter will be merged into ServerCall.getAttributes().

    Multiple filters maybe registered to a server, in which case the output of a filter is the input of the next filter. For example, what returned by transportReady(io.grpc.Attributes) of a filter is passed to the same method of the next filter, and the last filter's return value is the effective transport attributes.

    Grpc defines commonly used attributes.

    • Constructor Detail

      • ServerTransportFilter

        public ServerTransportFilter()
    • Method Detail

      • transportReady

        public Attributes transportReady​(Attributes transportAttrs)
        Called when a transport is ready to process streams. All necessary handshakes, e.g., TLS handshake, are done at this point.

        Note the implementation should always inherit the passed-in attributes using Attributes.newBuilder(transportAttrs), instead of creating one from scratch.

        transportAttrs - current transport attributes
        new transport attributes. Default implementation returns the passed-in attributes intact.
      • transportTerminated

        public void transportTerminated​(Attributes transportAttrs)
        Called when a transport is terminated. Default implementation is no-op.
        transportAttrs - the effective transport attributes, which is what returned by transportReady(io.grpc.Attributes) of the last executed filter.