Package io.grpc

Class ServerCredentials

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    ChoiceServerCredentials, InsecureServerCredentials, TlsServerCredentials

    public abstract class ServerCredentials
    extends Object
    Represents a security configuration to be used for servers. There is no generic mechanism for processing arbitrary ServerCredentials; the consumer of the credential (the server) must support each implementation explicitly and separately. Consumers are not required to support all types or even all possible configurations for types that are partially supported, but they must at least fully support ChoiceServerCredentials.

    A ServerCredential provides server identity. They can also influence types of encryption used and similar security configuration.

    The concrete credential type should not be relevant to most users of the API and may be an implementation decision. Users should generally use the ServerCredentials type for variables instead of the concrete type. Freshly-constructed credentials should be returned as ServerCredentials instead of a concrete type to encourage this pattern. Concrete types would only be used after instanceof checks (which must consider ChoiceServerCredentials!).

    • Constructor Detail

      • ServerCredentials

        public ServerCredentials()