Package io.grpc

Class Channel

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    public abstract class Channel
    extends java.lang.Object
    A virtual connection to a conceptual endpoint, to perform RPCs. A channel is free to have zero or many actual connections to the endpoint based on configuration, load, etc. A channel is also free to determine which actual endpoints to use and may change it every RPC, permitting client-side load balancing. Applications are generally expected to use stubs instead of calling this class directly.

    Applications can add common cross-cutting behaviors to stubs by decorating Channel implementations using ClientInterceptor. It is expected that most application code will not use this class directly but rather work with stubs that have been bound to a Channel that was decorated during application initialization.

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      abstract java.lang.String authority()
      The authority of the destination this channel connects to.
      abstract <RequestT,​ResponseT>
      newCall​(MethodDescriptor<RequestT,​ResponseT> methodDescriptor, CallOptions callOptions)
      Create a ClientCall to the remote operation specified by the given MethodDescriptor.
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      • Channel

        public Channel()
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        public abstract java.lang.String authority()
        The authority of the destination this channel connects to. Typically this is in the format host:port.